Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Getting back to it

Just for the sake of getting back into the habit of blogging, here's a little post. I can hardly believe it's been nearly two whole months since my last entry; I'm so negligent! Many thanks to those of you who kept checking in now and then.

What have I been doing since May 7th? Work's been extremely, so I probably saved my limited readership much boredom reading about work complaints, and a lot of my weekend days leading up to the Moonwalk were spent training, walking for miles and miles all around Edinburgh and the Lothians. The Moonwalk was two weeks ago and was a success (i.e. I finished with no ill effects and raised lots of money for breast cancer research). There's one photo on Flickr of my cupcake-themed bra. Many more were taken, but they're not especially flattering, so I'm sparing your eyes.

I can't think what else has happened of note. Nothing, probably. If I think of things, I'll write about them -- promise!