Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Margarita Sizzle

On the needles at the moment is a chartreuse yellow* version of Wendy Bernard's Sizzle, using Rowan Cotton Glace yarn. The pattern recommends a silk/cotton blend, but Cotton Glace is 100% cotton and, therefore, a little stiff (it was on sale at John Lewis). Here's hoping it softens up a little when washed... I've been working on it for three evenings so far and I'm still only about a quarter finished, thanks to the 3.5mm needles I need to get the gauge right. It's a little hardgoing, but I think it'll be quite nice once it's completed. Photos when that day comes!

*I thought chartreuse was just chartreuse, but according to the official pantone colour, "chartreuse" is a lime green, 50% green, 50% yellow. The colour I formerly considered chartreuse is "chartreuse yellow".

Update on the cotton angora raglan

I finished the sweater soon after the original post about it, but never bothered taking any photos of it. I still haven't, primarily because I'm not in love with it. It's fairly flattering, although the boat neck is REALLY wide (I should have probably done a proper gauge swatch) and is inclined to show straps if worn without any shirt underneath, but as the neckline is a different shape from any T-shirt I own, any shirt underneath looks awkward. However, my real bugbear with the jumper is the yarn. The cotton angora sheds horrendously!!! The lining of my coat was covered for days, the back of my chair at work turned pink and furry, anything worn underneath had pink pills rubbing off even after laundering, and I'd often see pink clumps of fibre floating through the air around me like dandelion seeds. I've washed it about four or five times and only now am I beginning to see a reduction in the amount of shedding. Thank god! I may wear it more often from now on, but I won't bother making anything else in angora again.