Sunday, May 06, 2007


Chris and I finally saw Volver on DVD last night. I really enjoyed it, but Chris thought it was weird, overly melodramatic and not Pedro Almodovar's best (he particularly disliked the long face and rolling eyes of Sole but appreciated Raimunda's cleavage). I'll grant that it wasn't the best of Almodovar (Talk to Her is), and there's no way Penelope Cruz actually did the singing for her role, but it was still good, and better than a lot of films I've seen recently. All the reds and greens were stunningly vibrant, and I loved Raimunda's skirts and tight cardigans, reminding me of aspects of both Amelie and Chocolat.

We also saw March of the Penguins earlier in the week (we're way behind in our movie-watching). How flipping cute were those babies learning to walk on top of their mamas' feet? However, we both enjoyed the bonus DVD feature focusing on the experience of the two French men filming in Antarctica better. Amazing!

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